Radicalism and Special Collections, Revisited


In preparation for our second visit to the Department of Special Collections be sure to read Chapter 8 in Kishlansky, "Saints and Soldiers, 1649-58," the webnotes, and get a sense of the great diversity of the following primary materials:

John Lilburne's England's New Chains Discovered
Various sects of English Dissenters (especially take a look at groups like the Baptists, Diggers, Familists, Fifth Monarchists, Muggletonians, Quakers, Ranters, and Seekers)
Edward Stillingfleet's Irenicum (on church-government by divine right; this item will be one of the books we will have out in Special Collections)
Alexander Ross's Pansebeia (just the preface; on comparative religion and church-government; again, this will be out for us)

Now, don't get bogged down by the last two items; rather, it is more important that you get a sense of the enormous diversity of ideas--religious and political--that came with the Civil Wars and Revolution.

In addition, we have the fantastic opportunity to examine some mid-seventeenth century manuscript material. We'll be looking at a commonplace book with material on Charles and Buckingham's visit to Spain, James' propositions on the Spanish Match, and other items. Some of the handwriting is fairly easy to read, but some of the other writing may look very strange. If you'd like to prepare yourself for a little early modern English paleography session, take a look at the excellent website by the Department of English at Cambridge, UK.

Remember how to get to Special Collections in Memorial Library, using the special elevator to the right of the three main ones.