Remember, Remember the 5th of November . . .

For next week, read the following: Kishlansky (your second textbook), Preface, Prologue, Chapters 1 (Social World), 2 (Political World), and 3 (Scottish Accession); for the lecture outlines, be sure to read the Stuart overview, , and the Age of Salisbury,

For primary reading, read Professor Sommerville's description of the famed Gunpowder Plot at and the Oath of Allegiance that followed it

For your viewing pleasure, see the entertaining 6-part series by the BBC on the Plot at YouTube: (total about 20 minutes).

After you've done your secondary and primary readings and viewings, think about the motivations of the plotters and the government reaction. For those of you particularly interested in this incident, see the recent scholarly treatment of the government reaction attached to this email. Next week, I hope to have a bit of fun with the Gunpowder Plot.